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Kris Hilbert is musician, producer, engineer, and owner of Legitimate Business. He grew up in Raleigh, NC playing guitar in various bands and making recordings at home for himself as well as friends’ bands. After years of DIY situations, he was able to open LGTBIZ as a full time, purpose built studio. Since then he’s worked with artists such as The Body, The Love Language, Loamlands, Between The Buried and Me, Torch Runner, Paint Fumes, Solar Halos, Trioscapes, ORBS, Dollar Signs, and Advent.

Kris currently spends most time producing records and working on solo material and collaborations with other artists. He occasionally plays with The Love Language and his band Mourning Cloak.


Loamlands “Lez Dance”
(Produce, Engineer, Mix, Pedal Steel, Synth)

Solar Halos “Coiled Light
(Produce, Engineer, Mix)

The Love Language “Baby Grand
(Produce, Engineer, Mix, Vocals, Pedal Steel)

Centuries “The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding
(Produce, Engineer, Mix, Vocals)

The Body “I Shall Die Here

Advent “Pain And Suffering
(Engineer, Mix)

Trioscapes “Digital Dream Sequence